About Radka

It is natural to desire beauty, and it is healthy to feel vibrant, beautiful and alive. Anyone can achieve this state of inner wholeness, by learning to balance all parts of life according to our constitutional makeup. 

When every level of existence, from the way we eat and sleep to the way we think and play, is aligned with our natural energy patterns, then we are living as we were designed to be.

There is no higher pleasure than such harmony of being. The health is only an inevitable result of this balanced life.


About Grow Radiant

Because radiance happens with feeling great, feeling joyful, and well-being.

The Mission

In order to harvest beautiful, vibrant plants you need to clean up the mess that your yard might be.


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Let’s tap into our hidden energy patterns and dive into a delicious sleep so we can feel the Joy every day.

Feel vibrant in your body, clear in your head and balanced in your life. All with Ayurveda and grounded living.  With Love and Kindness Radka