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Mentored by the world renowned Bruce Burger, founder of Heartwood Institute and author of Esoteric Anatomy, Radka’s healing abilities are a true synthesis of mind, body and soul connection. She has integrated the scientific and spiritual aspects of healing into a potent ability to help others effectively activate their inner self-healing power.

I am offering deeply effective therapy bodywork protocols to release stress, balance the nervous system, and enhance vitality.

I help you stay connected with your essence as a human being and a child of Nature. To relive trauma that we carry stored in our bodies. Together we rescue the inner child that has been stuck in a past experience, blocking you from reaching your full potential.

Radka Houzvickova, received her certification in Energy Healing after her studies at Ananda College of Living Wisdom, Portland, Oregon, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, and recently also Tiruvannamalai, India. She focuses on helping clients to eradicate illness, dissolve emotional blocks and overcome stuckness. She is masterful at guiding you through Inner Child Rescue and Emotional Trauma Healing.

Healing and disease are processes that can be described in energetic terms. Generally, healing and health are attributes of energy flowing in its natural and unobstructed state, while disease is a reflection of energy in an obstructed condition in one or more of its several levels of manifestation.

As disease is regarded as the effect of energy being disrupted in its flow, healing is seen as the process of releasing the obstructions to the free flow of energy so that it may fully reconnect with its source. Consequently, a return to physical health is the reconnection of energies in the body with their respective centers or sources.

Somatic Emotional Clearing

This conscious approach to body therapy facilitates a cleansing of the body’s cellular memory of emotional armoring, and promotes mental and emotional clarity and wellbeing. This work offers a unique hands-on synthesis of Transpersonal and Somatic Psychology.

The incessant, insecurity, anxiety, fear, self loathing and obsession of our minds….the stress, the trauma, that is lodged in our nervous system…. can be cleansed through this deeply effective transformation therapy.

Energy fields and currents exist everywhere in nature. Polarity Therapy asserts that the flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health.

In the Polarity model, health is experienced when:

~Energy systems function in their natural state

~Energy flows smoothly without significant blockage of fixation.

When energy is unbalanced, blocked or fixed due to stress or other factors, pain and disease arise.

Polarity seeks to find the blockages and release energy to normal flow patterns, and to maintain the Energy Field in an open, flexible condition.

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive health care system based on the understanding of the human energy field, principles of natural healing and esoteric philosophy.. It is the fruit of the life’s work of Randolph Stone N.D., D.C., D.O., who was almost 92 years old when he passed on in 1981.

“Live as if everyday is gonna be your last and Live as you were gonna live forever.”

Jack Kornfield

Somatic Emotional Clearing

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