Hi, I Am Radka

I am a yoga health coach and I have been teaching wellness and mindful living through yoga, Ayurveda, and holistic health.

Radka Houzvickova

I always knew that life is short indeed and we must live it to the fullest each and every day. After moving to united states in my late twenties, I had a sort of awakening about the meaning of my life. I used to be stressed and depressed school teacher, underpaid and overworked. I didn’t love my job, neither did I lived the life I wanted to.

When I found my new home in the Tetons, I started to re-prioritize my values and the lens through which I saw things. I began to question everything. I quit the “real job” that I didn’t love and decided to play a lot because that was what my heart desired. I had lots of fun as a ski instructor during the day and a waitress at night. I lived the dream. Play hard and work enough to afford living in a fairy tale land.

I no longer choose to engage in what is not supporting my spiritual evolution. All that is holding me back. The old outdated habits, unsupportive and unhealthy relationships; foods that make me feel heavy and emotions that keep me stuck in the past.

I began to pursue that which is fulfilling and nourishing me on a deep soul level. I am slowly  letting that that doesn’t nourish me on all levels fall away.

This change happened naturally when I started practicing yoga regularly and I dove into holistic living books and that I took every course I could find. I decided at not so young age to do everything within my power to create vibrant health and happiness and live the most amazing life ever with every day I was given.