Healthy Elimination

We all have heard “You are what you eat”

According to Ayurveda, it takes 30 days for whatever you ingest to become You. Food, drink, emotions, experiences, environment, conversations, teachings, movies, music, art…  We need to pay close attention to what we put in our mouths and also what we receive through our senses.

If you want to be a kind, loving, caring person, you need to surround yourself with things that offer that to you. It’s the same with food, if you want to feel light, energized, strong and alive, you should eat foods with the same qualities. When we make less healthy choices, the “unclean” makes its way into our bodies. Toxic residue which does not get filtered through the liver or colon travels through our intestinal wall and becomes part of the body. It gets lodged and stored in the fat cells.

Now it’s time to think: What you eat becomes YOU

Detoxing is the best way to clean the mess. A strict annual cleanse is one way, but a daily cleansing detox program is simple and far less intense. The following basic habits help take the “trash out” on regular basis, thereby supporting you to feel at your best.

Daily Detox Habits to Support Elimination and Optimum Health

Inner Rinse

Drink at least 2 cups of hot or warm water upon rising. Add a squeeze of lemon or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to make it more alkaline. Heat promotes downward movement through the stomach and intestines and supports elimination. Your joints and skin will feel more hydrated also.

18″ Every Morning

That is 18″ of fecal matter that has the consistency of peanut butter or ripe banana (pardon the visual!) one hour upon arising. Not pooping everyday this is a big problem. If you don’t eliminate the junk, it gets reabsorbed back into your system. Get that *%#@ out! (Use “Squatty potty”, take Ashwagandha, eat more liquid diet with lots of fiber, add chia seeds, drink plenty water, take your time on the toilet and relax, let go!)

Stop the Snacking

Stick to 3 meals a day to allow your body to fully digest your food. Snacking between meals overloads our digestive system. Undigested food is toxic and adheres to weak tissues which leads to disease. Sip hot water between meals to help with hydration and digestion.

Start Your Day Green

Begin your day with a green smoothie or green juice. Leafy greens have bitter and astringent tastes which are inherently detoxifying. In general, include as many leafy greens in your diet as possible: in green juices, smoothies, soups, salads, cooked, raw, etc.

Get Your Movement On

Walk, run, jump, stretch, twist, bend, invert, get your heart beat up for 20 minutes. Breath work opens up the subtle energy channels or nadis which stimulates the lymphatic system and brings fresh oxygen into the organs.

Do you like to feel great, light, energized, rested and calm every day?

It’s time to clean up your ecosystem—your digestive system, that is.  Our immunity is based 80% in our guts. Therefore we need to make sure that the garbage truck comes by every single day.

Everyone deserves to have abundant energy.

Being radiant, vibrant and glowing is within your reach.

Meditate Daily

Dry-brushing activates the lymphatic system-the system which takes out the garbage, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances toxin elimination through our body’s largest organ — the skin!

Dry Brush Your Body

Dry-brushing activates the lymphatic system-the system which takes out the garbage, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances toxin elimination through our body’s largest organ — the skin!

Love the skin you’re in. Lotion is made of oil and water – a solution that doesn’t mix. In order to create the creamy texture, emulsifiers and preservatives are added which are often toxic. Basic tip: anything you put on your skin you should feel comfortable eating. Replace your lotion with oil (best quality coconut, almond, sesame, sunflower oil). Rub the oil in to increase circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, remove toxins and a benefit-to make your skin soft and flexible.

Do Daily Oil Massage

Eat Clean

Processed and packaged food, refined sugar, alcohol and genetically-modified foods create toxicity. Eat a whole foods diet with plenty of fresh, organic produce to support your body in healthy elimination and optimal functioning. Shop the farmers markets, if you have to go to a grocery store avoid the aisles. Grow your own garden and sprouts.

Get Enough Good-quality Sleep

Studies show that your brain gets cleansed of toxins while you sleep. During deep sleep (prime hours are between 10pm and 2am) your body goes into detoxification mode. Make it easy on your body to do deeper house-cleaning by eating an earlier, lighter dinner.