To open, balance, and purify one’s root chakra, which is located on or below the pelvic floor muscles, meditate on the element of earth. Envision yourself becoming one with the Earth as an invisible tether of light extends from your root chakra down into the ground. Extend this filament of light into the rich soils, absorbing the nutrients it has to offer. In the process, imagine your root chakra opening and filling with the strength of infinite love and light. Other beneficial ways of focusing on the root chakra would include grounding yourself by going barefoot, hugging a tree, dancing, using crystals, wearing the color red, or burning red beeswax candles.



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To open, balance, and purify one’s sacral chakra, focus Kundalini meditation just below the belly button. Use a hand position (mudra) that connects this chakra to the element of water, such as thumb to pinkie finger.  Laughter, smiling, and blessing food and water to enhance it’s cell structure are also great ways of bringing this chakra into alignment. Imagine it opening as a flower as it’s filled with healing love and light.



To open, balance, and purify one’s solar plexus chakra, focus Kundalini meditation just above the belly button. This chakra represents the element of fire, thus burning yellow beeswax candles is great with this chakra. Also, wearing yellow clothing or using yellow crystals or those that ignite creativity, passion, and positivity. It may also be of benefit to adopt a power pose to heighten one’s levels of confidence in order for this chakra to fully open. Pursue whatever makes you happy and feel most alive. Finally, try rubbing the belly by moving the hand clockwise to fill the chakra with energy, and moving the hand counter-clockwise to help release any negative, built up energy that is no longer serving you.



To open, balance, and purify one’s heart chakra, focus Kundalini meditation on the chest and heart. This chakra represents the element of air, the all-encompassing life-force prana (or breath) that supports us all. Focus on the breath and breathe in love and light while exhaling any toxins from the system. Practice being able to love yourself fully, be open to receive and forgive, as well as adopt an attitude of appreciation and gratitude. Wear the color green, use crystals, or burn green beeswax candles as extra tools to help focus the mind on healing this chakra. Fill the lungs with the infinite abundance of the Universe.



To open, balance, and purify one’s throat chakra, focus Kundalini meditation on the middle of the throat. This chakra represents the element of ether (aether), or pure spirituality, energy, and essence. To open and heal this chakra, breathe deeply and be more aware of the language you use. Especially considering words carry an energetic influence. They have power and weave spells. Speak more often than not of positive thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Chanting a mantra is also useful for this chakra, as is burning blue beeswax candles or using crystals that are of benefit such as turquoise or aquamarine.



To open, balance, and purify one’s third eye chakra, focus Kundalini energy on the middle of the forehead, between the eyes. Notice your thoughts and focus on a clear vision. Dispose of any negative thinking that weighs your energy down and if any new thoughts creep up that aren’t beneficial, release them without expectation or judgement. Imagine the third eye opening and awakening, what color is it? Wear indigo colored clothing, burn indigo colored beeswax candles, or use crystals that help amplify this process such as amethyst or purple fluorite.

Third Eye


To open, balance, and purify one’s crown chakra, focus Kundalini at the top of the head. Imagine the energy of all the other open chakras billowing up from the root and bursting through the crown in a miraculous fountain of shimmering colors. Meditate on the frequency of abundance. Several crystals such as amethyst, diamond, or clear quartz may be of benefit to this process, as well as burning violet colored beeswax candles or wearing violet colored clothing.


Happiness Requires Balance