Vibrate with Love & Light

My favorite sources beside live foods are deep sleep, meditation, breathing, being outside, gardening and doing things that I love, like dancing and yoga

I chose this name for my 11 week course based on my favorite song. It describes exactly how I want to feel every day. Full of high vibrational energy coming out of a charged lifestyle instead of reaching out to stimulants. I used to boost myself with cups of coffee, bars of chocolate and loads of sugars. The fast and enjoyable ride up was always followed up by an unpleasant fall down. Each boost had a crush. It’s not so bad when you are young and naturally have more tolerance for the merry-go-round ride. I got tired though. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted by life. I was constantly underslept since I was missing tools for putting my overused adrenals to sleep without a depressants like glass of wine daily. Not sleeping enough, even if you are in bed for ten hours, will make you feel down. If I only knew while back what I know now, I could have been bouncing with energy for much longer. At least I do know now. Thankfully.

A big “AHA” moment came when I learned that not all our energy comes from food.

Not even most of it. Actually, the opposite is true. Most of the foods we consume, costs us an enormous amounts of precious power source to break down, digest and assimilate what we ingested. What was new to me was that I don’t need to stuff myself to get enough nutrients. The believe that I should constantly graze on fruits and healthy stuff to be well is a big BS. Have you had the realization that you feel better when you eat less? I have always knew I will feel like crap when I eat too much but some hidden force is making me do that over and over again. Maybe it’s in my genes since I am not the first one in my family, maybe it’s even deeper, since my ancestors never experienced abundance. Historically Czech was not super rich country, who knows. Possibly it is my own doing based on feeling safer and more secure when full.

Nothing is stable, all changes, nothing is absolute, all is relative

I am definitely playing a lot with what is that which is giving me the most energy? So far my favorite sources beside live foods are deep sleep, meditation, breathing, being outside, gardening and doing things that I love, like dancing and yoga. The main source of our energy comes from Prana, the life force. It can be sourced many different ways but the main issue is that with fast life styles we grew disconnected from these free power houses. We don’t know anymore how to connect and recharged. The habits we adopted are blocking this flow and are pushing us further away from nature that is intrinsically feeding us. It is so abundant that we can just lean into it if we reestablish the connection again. How? By living in synchronicity with the real mother of us all. The Earth. By living in the same rhythms as the Sun, as the Moon. Following seasons and respecting the energies that constantly interplay out our windows. We need to open the doors and reach out to the teachers out there. Pay attention, listen and follow.

Which habits push us further away from nature’s rhythms? The circadian cycles that repeat in rhythmical fashion. All these are also the habits that steer us away from our health, our wellbeing. Can you feel it? How we, humans by thinking we can do whatever we want create our suffering. My cats respect who they are and sleep twenty hours a day and go hunt at night. They eat meat with occasional grass and only when they are hungry. If they decided, or if I fed them different diet and kept them up all day, they would probably not live a happy healthy life they do now.

We believe we are so special and smart that we can take over and change who we have been for millennia! How silly! We can see the results of the industrial and scientific changes to our foods as many diseases rising. Some of them in epidemic speed. The invention of electricity saved us from the cold and famine and at the same time the misuse of it is taking us towards our end. Having light at our homes and workplaces brought us to new unknown to our physiology times of day that we work, recreate and eat. We completely overturned out sleeping hours. We work long hours, skip meals, sleep less them we need to. We rush everywhere, multitask and live in the stressful response most of our days. Our stress hormones are taking over our bodies. We live in the past depressed that the good is gone or the bad happened. We worry about future and have anxiety about what needs to be done. We are missing the beauty of present moment, of now.

How do we dare to think we are different

In reality there is nothing else than that though. We don’t know tomorrow and yesterday is gone. We are wasting our lives by being ignorant, we think we can do better job than nature. We think we are in the driver’s seat of our lives but true is we are out of control, the diseases are taking control.

Nothing is stable, all changes, nothing is absolute, all is relative. We need to let go of our arrogance and create stability in our daily habits. Our lives and bodies constantly change therefore we need routines and rituals combined with a natural flow.

Change for better is possible, whatever better means for you. Most profound and lasting change. The urge for being better, for feeling better, for doing more for the nature. Start with yourself, with better care of your body, only then you can start helping others. The planet. You  must begin with seeing your own nature. Your own wisdom, your body’s wisdom. Look for happy responses from your ‘temple.’ What is true about something might have been hidden behind of the veil of believes. Behind our laziness and comfort. Open the curtains and look outside. Open your eyes and see. See what is real and what is true.