Why I’m Detoxing Next

Why I’m Detoxing Next

I hope that you’ve been following along and are naturally entering detox mode. If you’re coming with us, it’s important to get clear on why you’re coming and what you want to experience. This will help your body shift into desiring detox—you’ll be ready to ease in for success.

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I detox twice a year no matter what. It’s on my schedule to lead this program—and thank goodness. In today’s final detox-inspired post of this series, I let you know why I’m detoxing next.

Many of you know I’ve led the Yogidetox straight through since 2002. It’s my entry-level program. You see, course members are so much more fun to work with after they detox. I tried to kill the Yogidetox around 2013, but the tribe wouldn’t allow it. I’d created my own junkies. Fine. Whatever.

Now it’s 2017.


I haven’t missed a bi-annual detox. It used to seem like they came around so fast. Time is slowing for me lately, so now they seem far apart.

My body starts getting sucked in weeks before we begin. I start noticing I’m making interesting concoctions. My kitchen looks more like a lab. I start experimenting—hardcore. I’m always curious about the thoughts and ideas that spring to life during the Yogidetox. Where will they lead? What will they show me?

Why I’m Detoxing Next

Scrape the Outdated into the Light of Day

Detox has a scraping quality, by definition. Detox also has a fire quality. There’s a lot going on. Illumination occurs as light enters the places that were dark—places that were blocked by ama. The ama releases, circulates, and incinerates in the fire of detox.


The ama burns, giving off light.

Our patterns are filters that block light. The filters are ama, too. They could be relational ama (undigested junk). That’s probably too strong a term, depending on where you’re at. But I think societally—at this more leading edge of evolution—the relational filters keep us from hyper-connectivity, which is just faster. And better overall.
Detox sloughs off ama, processing and dispersing it to make way for clarity, new habits, and growth.

Go Deeper into Releasing Ancestral Patterns

UntitledDid I mention the past? My mentality is pitta and goes future on me—you may have noticed. But when I’m waist deep in Yogidetox mode, the past comes flooding in like an open book.

I start the ancestral connection and ancestral clearing. Sometimes it’s subtle. This year, I know it’s more obviously making its presence known. Plus, I roped Sarita Rocco into offering an Ancestral Healing Session. Our ancestors’ experiences live within us, and we could all use a little help recognizing and releasing these patterns and emotions. It’s all about clarity.

Pull the Arrow Back: Regress to Progress

If I didn’t have the Yogidetox tribe to tend to, I’d probably blow this off once in awhile. There’s no way I would’ve been this consistent.
The forced regression into progress was trying for me about a decade ago. At one point, I surrendered. Now I flow right through it, more curious—a disciple to the shakti.

Investigate the Past Limit as I Flow into the Next Expansion

At some point during detox, I’ve crossed the threshold into my next dimension. I’m high without the espresso. The caffeine faded, and the chlorophyll dominates. I’m in. I’m curious.
My future self and past self are having a field day reorganizing my neural pathways. At this point, my daughter asks when I’m coming back from the deep. I tell her it doesn’t matter, and she says “I know.”


I’m relieved to have let you in more seamlessly with my true confessions series. I was more honest with you. I exposed more to you, which is weirder and more normal at the same time. At least a few hundred of you can directly relate and have laughed out loud a few times. That’s my goal: to bestir your brain and your body and get you to laugh out loud at your screen.

UntitledAll this talking and writing about the Yogidetox that starts March 29 has sparked my enthusiasm. I’m officially stoked, so thanks for letting me talk about it with you. I could’ve written it in a journal, but, knowing that there are thousands of readers and tens of thousands of listeners, the stakes are higher and I invest more attention.

As my friend and mentee Grace Edison joked, “Are you the Mayor of Ama Land?” She’s in a massive ama-incineration personal program. She used to be the Mayor, but she’s been demoted. Soon she’s kicking herself out of Ama Land, poco a poco.

I’m inspired by my tribe friends and mentees like Grace. I know you lean on the Yogidetox for your scheduled trip into exponential growth. I hope you’re feeling my vibe for this go-around—we’re heading into LaLaLand.

Come as you are.

The Yogidetox starts tomorrow.

If you’re coming with us, sign up.

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If you’ve never come along before, all you have to do is step aboard. We’ve got you from there.