2 Shots Espresso + 1 Gallon Green Juice + 1 Posse

2 Shots Espresso + 1 Gallon Green Juice + 1 Posse

Transparency and Confessions. People always ask me how I ease into detox mode. I have gone into this in the past, but I haven’t always been ready to give you all the nitty gritty details.

Now I am.


I’m ready to get real with you. Instead of just telling you what YOU should do should do, I’m going to tell you how things actually go down for me.

One of the goals I’m toying with right now is to be more transparent. This impulse is probably a by-product of my latest and greatest ama-removing and cellulite-metabolizing experiment.

(Oh – and some reader wrote me a scathing email for not defining ama in the last newsletter on The Great Ama Divide. Ama is the toxic by-product of lackluster digestive power. And the next time you aren’t sure what a word means, just google it. It’s faster than waiting for a definition from me.)


This next live Yogidetox, which starts on March 29, has already started for me. After 15 years of leading this posse, I find my bio-rhythms shift into detox mode organically a week or two before the live detox  begins. My kitchen starts to look ½ kitchen and ½ laboratory.

This March detox season, I’m going deeper into Intermittent Fasting.  I’ll be talking a lot about this, about clearing outdated ancestral patterns, and about setting yourself up for exponential growth. I always teach what is current for me.


Themes for Live Yogidetox (starts March 29)


  1. Intermittent Fasting + metabolizing deep fat stores.
  2. Clearing outdated ancestral patterns.
  3. Setting yourself up for exponential growth.

I ran my first intermittent fasting experiment with the Body Thrivers in mid-January.
(I had just listened to James Altucher interview Tim Ferriss. In case you haven’t guessed already, I read the 4 hour work week when it was released forever ago. I decided to live it. Not the 4 hour part. The freedom lifestyle online business part. His commitment to life-hacking and bio-hacking hooked into me.)


Tim Ferriss swears by intermittent fasting – as do many of the world-class performers in his new book Tools of Titans. When I went to research, turns out so does mi amigo James Clear.  Clear does the 16/8 or leangains method.

16 is the fast time – where you fast 16/24 hours. 8 is the feed time, where you compress your eating window into 8 hours. It’s super easy and simplifies your life and your digestion once you get the hang of it.

So I decided to try that that week with the Body Thrivers. That was around January 20th. I haven’t missed a day and it’s been effortless. No joke.


I’ve been intermittent fasting with the 16/8 method.



Ok – back to how I I ease into the Yogidetox.

2 shots espresso and 1 gallon green juice + 1 posse

= Cate’s Yogidetox Kick-off Party

We all love confessions. We rarely get the whole story behind the people we look up to.  But we all know that the devil is in the details, and that’s where my devil is, too.

Here’s my confession:

I won’t let go of espresso.. I have 2 shots every morning.

I’m not proud about the espresso shots. My liver isn’t thrilled, but the rest of me is.

UntitledThe lighter I get from intermittent fasting the more fun the espresso. My tolerance is dropping so it’s a big like tripping to have a double shot. I get off on it.

I have no plans to let it go, and yet, I know it will simply drop off when the detox kicks in.

First, I will start adding absurd quantities of green juice. I just called the local Grocer to speak to my buddy Art in the produce department. I ordered a fridge full of organic greens, lemons, and celery. I’ll make a gallon of juice at a time.



I’ll also shift from chocolate bars to raw cacao.

UntitledI never know exactly what will fall away when I go into a detox. But I enjoy getting very curious about it. The start of the detox is all I have to concern myself with. Just the start. Everything else will just fall into place?

Soon aloe juice and coconut juice will show up for the party. And turmeric. And coconut oil.

Definitely turmeric.
Do you follow?

See how happy my liver will become with the aloe, the coconut and the turmeric? And I’ll crave it.  Actually, I already do, so i made this smoothie that a.m.

The next thing  I know I’ll be super  into mate or just off stimulants b/c I’m high on prana and grounded in the absolute. Shazam.

After 20+ year of detoxing seasonally I now know I just need concern myself with the start.


You know how they say you are the company you keep?

I learned that from tantric scholar Douglas Brooks when I was 30. He learned it from his guru. This concept is slow for most of us to sink in due to the momentum of the past sneaking into our futures. But, Douglas said like 29 times within a 2-day workshop so I wrote it down and it stuck.

I’ve learned to keep good company during detox season.

I invite those I’m inspired by to be guest teachers. I invite detox leaders within Yogahealer to be course mentors.

The more potent the posse I detox with, the more potent, momentous, and easeful the experience is for all of us. Have you experienced that? It’s noteworthy. You can see how contagious detox is. As soon as people start, they try to convince the people in their lives to detox too. But it’s not just about convincing SOME people to join you, it’s about convincing the right people.

I wasn’t taught the precept, “Those who detox together, evolve together. But, I have found it to be true.Since I did my group detox with my Ayurveda classmates in 1998, I’ve never cleansed alone.

I even got my husband on the bandwagon. In fact, I roped Winston in even before I had all of you to join me. By 2001, I was haranguing Ayurveda clients about detox. In 2002 the Yogidetox kicked off in my yurt with the Teton Valley peeps – Suzanne + Karen – remember that? All 7 of us.


If you don’t detox with a posse, you like hairshirts.

I’ve come to this conclusion because both introverts and extroverts alike find that the group momentum makes the process more easeful. Together, wee tap into the power of collective evolution. We tap into something that isn’t available when we go it alone.

Around 2014 I wanted to stop leading the Yogidetox. When I’d started leading the course it was the only game in town. In state. In region. It was one of the first online detoxes. By 2014 the market had caught up to our delicious demographic. I knew if I didn’t have to lead it, I just might not follow through on my own.
The posse pulled me back. They insisted I step up to the plate with my powers of organization and inspiration. I’m so glad they did. As a result, I had a few years of “light detoxes”… not the heavy duty kind. I now know the power to doing an easier, more superficial versions – and that it still set my body and household rhythms into better alignment.

Over time, as a posse we’ve now trust that just committing to the detox is hardest decision. After that, the posse and your intuition kick in and start delivering results. We prefer to be around thrivers than victims. We like to be around biohacking ego disrupters who are into exponential growth and awake living? You’ve found the right posse.


We all can come up with a 20 tried and true reasons not to do a seasonal detox. And all those reasons are baloney. Dig deep into your reasons and you can call your own b.s. card on ones like, “I can’t give up espresso and dark chocolate and wine right now.”

So if you are planning a seasonal cleanse, like the Yogidetox,


  1. Add “y”in, don’t give “x” up. (I add sick quantities of green juice in, instead of focusing on giving up espresso).
  2. Ease in. Don’t force anything or you will be more likely to rebound.
  3. Get plenty of the good things you know your body needs.
  4. Join or pull together a posse.