True Confessions on How I Detox + Why I’m Detoxing Next

True Confessions on How I Detox + Why I’m Detoxing Next

Alright. That’s enough. Click to watch the video and I’ll give you my other insider tips. This isn’t transcribed from the video. I talk about pulling back the bow and yogis impulse to detox or something.


Here is the bullet list version of today’s post. If you want the whole deal follow on down the page.

I want to share my relaxed flow into detox mode…

  • I have an espresso machine
  • I ease in
  • I like “yes, and…”
  • Espresso & green juice
  • Raw cacao & green juice
  • I start to get off on the calorie restriction
  • Use coconut oil or other lubes
  • Start doing a ton of yoga
  • Don’t cut out before you add in…
  • The community carries you


I want to share this relaxed flow…

  •  I have an espresso machine

I already wrote about this.

The easing in part for me is the espresso. I wouldn’t have as much fun the first few days. After a few days, espresso desire will drop by 50 percent—if the last few times are any indication. Then it’ll disappear a few days later as I go into the deep. The deep is cool. But I’m not in a rush to get there all at once. All at once can be bumpy. And bumpy for me right now spells “hassle.”I like to keep my Yogidetoxes hassle-free. You?

  •   I like “yes, and…”

Yes, espresso and a gallon of green juice.

My Yogidetox really starts with a call to Art in produce at the local supermarket. In the last post, I told you it starts with the IT department asking for dates. And that’s true. Then, a week before kickoff (so, around March 22) I call Art and order bushels of stuff for green juice. I bought a second fridge for $60 to keep in the garage for produce.

Espresso and more green juice

  • Dark chocolate and green juice

Did I mention dark chocolate? This is tied into the “yes, and” concept. Yes, I’m detoxing and I’m still having dessert with my green juice. What usually starts to happen—at least it did for the past four Yogidetoxes—is that after 48 hours I crave better fats than my organic 85 percent dark chocolate has to offer. I need purer stuff, so I end up blending cacao nibs and coconut oil into my green juice. Weird.

Stuff Gets Weird

Soon you’ll find yourself totally high on green juice, espresso, and a little raw cacao. Maybe a teaspoon or two of coconut oil. Soon you’re getting into chlorophyll enemas and blended drinks of fresh aloe from the pot in the corner and cilantro and ginger and a pinch of cayenne. And you’re telling your friend, who isn’t detoxing, and she tells you you’re weird. And from her perspective, she’s correct.

  • I like the calorie restriction

Yup—I admit it. I get off on calorie restriction every now and again. I heard about it watching and interviewing Matt Monarch and Dr. Gabriel Cousens. They both get off on it a heck of lot more than I do.

They get off on the mental clarity. Gabriel definitely also gets off on the spiritual attainment. Yes, right?


Didn’t Jesus and Moses get off on that too for 40 days here or there?

So, calorie restriction leads to some ubercool experiences that unrestricted eating just can’t attain. This isn’t for everyone, but as I get sucked into the mid-detox, you can bet I’m getting off on calorie restriction.

  • Use coconut oil or other lubes

While I may not be that into eating with the piehole—at this point I’m probably 95 percent liquids and 5 percent solids—I gorge on oil massage.

I Gorge on Oil Massage

The vaidyas and yogis were crazy-pants connected. They understood the nature of thrive and the nature of bodily disaster (disease). They knew that, to turn the bad into the good, vast quantities of oils were necessary. Think vats. PK has therapies that literally soak people in oil to loosen up doshas in the nervous system tissue. “Just saturated the disaster” is the idea.

If you’re body smart and investing attention, you’ll notice that you can lube your body with your hands—morphing how you want it to morph, which is how the universe wants it to morph. You morph yourself back into alignment. Your intuition is now heightened (you’re getting off on even less espresso) and your liver wants you to sip hot rose hips with thistle. Okay then.

Start Doing a Ton of Yoga

At this point, you’re noticing you’re on your yoga mat more frequently than normal. Meditation is truly fascinating—not just an exercise in tolerance. You notice the oil and the yoga are putting the bio-morph project on hyperspeed.

You’re fascinated. You notice yourself reading yoga books and spending more and more time on your mat. Your people now know to find you on your yoga mat instead of at the dinner table. And at this point, you once again got pulled into the deep. Let the games begin.

Don’t Cut Out Before You Add In…

This goes back to “yes, and,” but if you’re not that bright and you’re still reading, you should focus now. Don’t be silly. Add good stuff in. Better stuff. Mo better, mo better, mo better. That’s your motto and your mantra. Just add it in. I promise if you add in a gallon of green juice, a lot of other stuff just falls away. I’m into phasing into, not cold turkey. Cold turkey provokes a reptilian response. After a while, that gets boring. You don’t go as far into the deep, and you don’t get into exponential growth. Boring…